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Zurich Life Insurance products are all offered under their Wealth Protection Plan.


Trauma Insurance cover pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a medical condition such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. It is for anyone who would face financial hardship if they were to suffer a trauma.

Built-in Benefits

The following benefits are built into both Zurich's Trauma insurance plans – Basic and Extended:

Trauma benefit

A lump sum payment on diagnosis /occurrence of a range of 12 (Standard) and 38 (Extended) illnesses and injuries.

Funeral benefit

A lump sum payment on death (stand-alone Trauma only).

Partial trauma benefit

A part payment of Extended trauma for certain conditions.

Paralysis booster benefit

Doubles the benefit payable in the event of paralysis.

Inflation protection

Cover will increase every year unless declined by you.

Future Insurability benefit (personal)

Increase cover without underwriting at certain times.

Financial planning advice benefit

Reimburses the cost of advice.

Premium freeze

Freeze the amount you pay by reducing your cover.

Interim cover

Puts some cover in place as soon as you apply.

Benefits at additional costs

The following benefits are available at an additional cost:

Premium waiver option

Pays premiums if the life insured is disabled and cannot work.

Accidental death option

Extra cover for death due to accident.

Living activities TPD option

A lump sum payment on the life insured's inability to perform at least two activities of daily living, cognitive impairment or specific loss.

Business future cover option

Increases cover without health evidence each year.

Needlestick cover option

A lump sum payment on occupationally acquired HIV, Hepatitis B or C.

Insured child option

Includes death, terminal illness and trauma benefits for each child you insure.

Trauma reinstatement option (Extended only)

Trauma cover can be reinstated after a Trauma claim (for unrelated conditions).

Double trauma option (Extended only)

Death cover can be reinstated after a Trauma claim.

Top-up option (Extended only)

Increases the Partial trauma benefits payable.

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