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Zurich Life Insurance products are all offered under their Wealth Protection Plan.


Income Protection pays a replacement income if you can't work because you are sick or injured. It is for anyone who relies on an income to meet living expenses. Zurich refer to income protection as income replacement insurance.

Built-in Benefits

Income benefit

Provides an income if you are disabled and suffer a loss of income as a direct result (agreed value).

Waiver of premium

Premiums are waived while Zurich are paying your claim.

Inflation protection

Cover can increase each year.

Recurrent disability

No waiting period applies if you return to work too soon.

Concurrent disability

If you have sickness and injury, the one which pays the most benefit will apply.

Rehabilitation benefit

Extra benefits to help you get back to work sooner.

Funeral benefit

A lump sum to help with immediate expenses is payable on death.

Confined to bed benefit

Benefits are payable right away if you are disabled and confined to bed.

Elective surgery benefit

Benefits are payable if you are disabled due to elective surgery.

Specified injury benefit

Fixed benefits if you suffer from a range of specified injuries.

Special care benefit

Family assistance, personal attendant, accommodation and relocation benefits.

Interim cover

Puts some cover in place as soon as you apply.

Benefits at additional costs

The following benefits are available at an additional cost:

Increasing claims option

Benefits can increase quarterly while on claim.

Super contributions option

Cover for regular super contributions.

Lump sum accident option

Lump sum payable if you suffer a specified injury.

Day 4 accident option

Benefits during the waiting period if you are disabled due to accident.

Trauma option

Extra benefits if you suffer a specified Trauma.

Future insurability option

Increase cover without underwriting every three years.

Booster option

Extra benefits paid in the first 30 days of claim.

Family care option

Benefits can continue after your death.

Severe disability option

Additional income if you are severely disabled.

Needlestick cover option

A lump sum payable on occupationally acquired HIV, Hepatitis B or C.

Spouse cover option

Cover for your non-working spouse.

Cost-reducing options

Indemnity option

A capped income if you are disabled and suffer a loss of income as a direct result.

Basic cover option

Reduces the benefits and sets additional criteria for the income benefit.

Mental disorder discount option

Excludes cover for any mental disorder.

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