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TAL Life Insurance products are all offered under their Accelerated Protection Plan.


Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance cover pays a lump sum if you are seriously disabled, and can't work again. The payment can be used to cover debts, medical and home modification expenses and the costs of living. The amount paid by TAL depends on the Benefit Amount chosen.

Built-in Benefits

The following benefits are built into TAL's TPD insurance plan:

TPD Benefit

A lump sum payment if the Life Insured becomes Totally and Permanently Disabled. TAL may also make advanced payments of this benefit if the Life Insured suffers the Loss of a Single Limb or the Loss of Sight in one eye. Payment is the lesser of 25% of the Benefit Amount or $500,000. Payment is made once only and reduces the TPD benefit by the amount paid.

Inflation Protection Benefit

An annual automatic increase to your cover in line with Consumer Price Index or not less than 5%. Increased cover affects your premium, so you have the option to remove this benefit.

Premium Freeze Benefit

Your premiums stay the same by reducing your cover each year. This is available from the Life Insured's 30th birthday on stepped premium policies only.

Guaranteed Future Insurability Benefit

Increase your cover without providing additional health information after significant life events such as marriage, having a baby or taking out a mortgage for your own home.

Financial Planning Benefit

TAL will reimburse up to $1,000 for professional financial planning advice if you receive a claim payment.

Accommodation Benefit

Accommodation costs of an immediate family member will be met, up to $150 per day and for a period of up to 14 days, if TAL pay the TPD Benefit and the Life Insured is confined to bed more than 100km away from home.

Benefits at additional costs

The following benefits are available at an additional cost:

  • Death Buy-Back Option
  • Double TPD Option
  • Premium Relief Option

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