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TAL Life Insurance products are all offered under their Accelerated Protection Plan.


Income Protection pays a replacement income if you can't work because you are sick or injured. It is for anyone who relies on an income to meet living expenses.

Built-in Benefits

TAL provides the following built-in benefits on their Income Protection Standard insurance:

Total Disability Benefit

A monthly payment that covers up to 75% of the Life Insured's normal ongoing income if Totally Disabled at the end of their chosen Waiting Period. The Benefit Amount is paid monthly in arrears.

Partial Disability Benefit

A monthly payment when the Life Insured is only able to work in a reduced capacity due to Sickness or Injury. The Benefit Amount takes the Life Insured's Pre-Disability Earnings and any Monthly Earnings during the month into account.

Inflation Protection Benefit

An annual automatic increase to your cover in line with Consumer Price Index or not less than 3%. Increased cover affects your premium, so you have the option to remove this benefit.

Death Benefit

A lump sum payment of six times the Benefit Amount to $50,000 if the Life Insured dies.

Concurrent Disability Benefit

If Total or Partial Disability results from separate Sickness or Injury, your benefit payments are calculated according to the Sickness or Injury that provides the highest payment. This ensures you always receive the maximum benefit you are entitled to.

Recurrent Disability Benefit

If a disability recurs from the same or related cause within 12 months of a claim ending, TAL will treat it as a continuation of the original claim which means no Waiting Period before payments recommence.

Waiver of Premium Benefit

TAL will waive Income Protection premiums while the Life Insured receives a benefit payment for Total or Partial Disability.

Elective Surgery Benefit

The Life Insured is considered Totally Disabled due to Sickness if they're disabled as a result of a transplant, surgery to improve their appearance or elective surgery on the advice of a medical professional.

Extended Care Benefit

TAL will extend your Income Protection when the Life Insured reaches the Plan end date if you have held the policy for ten or more years at standard rates and you have not made a claim 13 months prior to policy end.

Bed Confinement Benefit

For each day you're confined to bed, on the advice of a Medical Practitioner, a proportion of the Benefit Amount can be paid under certain circumstances. The confinement must continue for three consecutive days or more during the Income Protection Waiting Period.

Family Support Benefit

TAL will pay a monthly benefit of up to $3,000 for up to three months if a family member stops paid work to care for the Life Insured. The Life Insured must be Totally Disabled for 30 consecutive days to be eligible.

Housekeeper Benefit

TAL will pay a monthly benefit of up to $3,000 to a non-family member that the Life Insured is totally reliant upon. The Life Insured must be totally disabled for 30 consecutive days and bed confined at home to be eligible.

Scheduled Injury Benefit

TAL will pay for a specific period for certain events, based on the nature of the injury.

Built-in Benefits

TAL provides the following additional built-in benefits on their Income Protection Premier insurance:

Child Care Benefit

A Child Care Benefit is available for a maximum of three months to reimburse costs incurred in relation to providing outside care for any children under the age of 12 as a result of your Sickness or Injury.

Child's Critical Illness Benefit

TAL will pay a lump sum payment of three times the Benefit Amount to a maximum of $20,000 if your child suffers a Critical Illness Event.

Rehabilitation Benefit

Cover for participation in a pre-approved Rehabilitation Program. The amount paid is 50% of the Benefit Amount but excludes medical consultations or therapy.

Rehabilitation Expense

TAL will reimburse for participation in a pre-approved Rehabilitation Program to a maximum of six times the Benefit Amount.

Overseas Assistance Benefit

Reimbursement of up to three times the Benefit Amount for airfare costs for emergency transportation back to Australia if the Li

fe Insured suffers Total Disability overseas lasting for at least 30 consecutive days.

Accommodation Benefit

Reimbursement of accommodation costs for your family of up to $250 per day, for a maximum of 30 days, when the Life Insured is Totally Disabled, and needs to travel more than 100km from home for treatment.

Job Security Benefit

TAL may pay the Life Insured's employer one payment of the Benefit Amount, if the insured is Totally Disabled for two months and subsequently returns to paid work with the same employer.

Involuntary Unemployment Benefit

TAL will waive your Income Protection premiums, including premiums for any optional benefits, if the Life Insured becomes involuntarily unemployed for reasons other than Sickness or Injury for up to three consecutive months from the date of unemployment.

Return to Work Benefit

If the Life Insured returns to paid work for at least 30 hours a week following three months of receiving Rehabilitation Benefits, TAL will pay the Benefit Amount when returning to work, and again on the three and six-month anniversaries of consecutive employment.

Premium Pause Benefit

Temporarily suspend your premiums and cover for up to 12 months if you become unemployed or are on long term leave. Available after 12 months of cover and acceptable evidence must be provided. Insurance must be restarted within 12 months. There'll be no cover during the suspension for a 90-day period after the restart.

Cover Continuation Benefit

If the Life Insured is 55 or less at the time cover started and you have selected a Benefit Period that ends at age 65, and the Life Insured is still working, you can continue cover until age 70 with a one-year Benefit Period without providing additional health information. Not available if on claim or a medical loading or medical exclusion applies.

Guaranteed Future Insurability Benefit

Increase your insurance by up to 15% every third Policy anniversary, to a maximum of $30,000, without providing additional health information after an income increase. Not available if health or pastime loadings or exclusions apply to your cover.

Change of Waiting Period Benefit

Shorten your Waiting Period if your employment status changes. Occupational and financial evidence will be required.

Benefits at additional costs

The following benefits are available at an additional cost on TAL's Income Protection Standard and Premier insurance:

  • Increasing Claim Option
  • Accident Benefit Option
  • Critical Illness Option
  • Retirement Protection Option
  • Disability Plus Option
  • Mental Health Discount Option

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